Nicolas Mazzocchi

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positions: I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the IST Austria under the direction of Thomas A. Henzinger. Before, I did a postdoc at the IMDEA Software Institute under the direction of Pierre Ganty. I did my PhD at the ULB supervised by Emmanuel Filiot and Jean-François Raskin. This work has been funded by the competitive individual 4 year grant FNRS-FRIA and focuses on decidable and efficient formalisms for quantitative verification.

bio: My research interest lies in the domain of formal methods for computer-aided verification. I am focusing on specification models with a good tradeoff between the expressiveness of system behaviours and the decidability of algorithms that ensure safety and robustness. My Ph.D. contributes to the research effort of automata-based quantitative model-checking methods. My first postdoc targets the tractability of these techniques by introducing heuristics based-on well quasi-order theory, abstract interpretation, and automata compositionality. My current postdoc aims to develop the quantitative framework for runtime verification.

keywords: counter machines, decidable logics, formal methods, model-checking, monitoring, Presburger arithmetic, transducers, weighted automata.

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